Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun at the Park

While Shane was off playing in his T-ball game last Saturday, Adalyn and I headed over to the park for some fun.

I just don't have my camera with me as much these days when I'm out with two kiddos. Here is a rare glimpse of Adalyn having fun at the park. She LOVES being outside.

As much as she loves being outside, she loves watching all the other people. She spent a lot of time standing and watching the happenings around her.

"Mommy, your in my way! I can't see what all those kids are doing."

Having fun going down the slides. Something that her Big Brother has just started to enjoy doing on his own.

Note: While outside you must always have a pile of rocks, dirt or bark in one hand at all times!

She also spent a lot of time moving rocks and bark from the ground to this picnic bench. Happy as a clam.

All that stuff on the bench was from Adalyn. She made many trips back and forth, back and forth piling up stuff.
Note: When you start to put these rocks, dirt or bark into your mouth, that means you are all done playing outside. Now it is time to go home for a nap!

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