Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do Over

Ekkkk.....that was a weekend that I would really like to a do over again, but with different results. 

Thursday at 10pm Adalyn woke up with a fever around 101. She was not a happy camper, so she headed to bed with me where she slept fitfully. Friday morning I called the Doctor. After talking to the nurse about her symptoms I decided to take her in that afternoon for a check-up. The Doctor found that both of her ears were infected and prescribed her antibiotics. I knew that getting medicine down her was going to be a struggle. Getting her to take Advil is a miracle in and of itself. She was feeling so terrible that she would gag and throw up instantly after giving her medicine. We weren't able to mix it in with anything because she was not eating anything or even drinking milk. Just a few sips of water here and there.

Friday night was really rough. She woke up in pain constantly and even throw up twice. We went back to see the Doctor Saturday morning to discuss giving her an antibiotic shot. The Doctor decided that she also had a sinus infection as well. We decided to go ahead with the shot instead of fighting her for the next 10 days with medicine. She was such a champ! She had to have a shot in each leg. We then had to hang out for 30 minutes to make sure she didn't have an allergic reaction. Which at the time we didn't think she had had one.

Saturday she slept on and off and continued to be super clingy. Only Mommy could hold her or help her.  I took her clothes off that evening to give her a bath and discovered a rash all over her body. A reaction from the shot, but luckily that was it, no breathing problems occurred. She spent another night in bed with me, again waking up in pain constantly.

She woke up Sunday morning with a smile on her face and snuggles for me. I knew she was feeling slightly better and her rash was completely gone. If she continues to improve we won't have to go back and get another round of shots.

As we dealt with Adalyn all weekend long we had a jammed packed weekend of already scheduled plans.

9am -- siding contractor come over to give us an estimate (it took 2.5 hours!!!) and we won't even be using that company.

10:30-Noon -- Shane was suppose to have baseball practice, but it got canceled due to the pouring down rain.

Noon -- I was suppose to get my teeth cleaned, but that also got canceled since I couldn't leave Adalyn's side.

2pm -- Another painting/siding guy came over for an estimate. Not using him either. We really need to find a good painting/siding company. 

3:30 -- The dogs had a hair cut appointment. They came back looking and smelling fantastic.

7:30 -- I had a 6 friends coming over for "Creative Night".

We were happy to hit the hay Saturday night and lay low on Sunday (I did have to cancel some plans on Sunday as well). But really if we could re-do this weekend, that would be even better. Here's to Baby Girl feeling a lot better this week! 

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