Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Monday

I recently had a Tastefully Simple party and now have a stocked pantry of yummy TS foods. I even got there super cool Tastefully Simple Tonight Collection, that has 10 different meals for you to make or freeze. This week our menus will be from this collection of recipes. I can't wait to try them all out.

Monday -- T-ball season is in full swing. Tonight is our first night of all 4 of us needing to be in four different places all at one time. Dinner will be a grab and go kinda of night. A HUGE thanks to Julie for taking Adalyn for a couple hours when we realized what our evening schedule looked like late last night.

Tuesday -- Sensational Beef Stroganoff

Wednesday -- leftovers

Thursday -- Artichoke and Spinach Chicken

Friday -- leftovers

Saturday --  Mediterranean Fish (hopefully BBQed with our new one!!)

Sunday -- leftovers

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Julie said...

She was so fun! She cried after you left and we pulled out and I started driving so I turned on the radio. It was "I'm Sexy and I Know it". She stopped crying right away and was bopping along in a few seconds :)