Friday, July 13, 2012

Bye, Bye Bottle

Monday morning Adalyn had her last bottle. After she drank her milk we asked her to throw the bottle away in the garbage. She ran over and did it with any complaints at all. She went back to the garbage and asked for it back at any point either. Which I was surprised about.

From that moment on for the last 5 days when she has asked for milk we've given it to her in some form of a sippy cup. She hasn't thrown any fits about it. Another surprise to me. She took a couple sips on the first day and since then she hasn't consumed any milk at all. This girl went from drinking the maximum about of milk (24 ozs) a day to drinking no milk at all. Yet, she still asks for milk numerous times during the day and just carries the cup around with her.

We kept waiting for her to start consuming for food since she has drastically dropped the amount of calories she was taking in since she wasn't drinking any milk. Day 1 and 2 she pretty much ate normal. Day 3 came and I couldn't get the food in her fast enough. She started to get cranky when I couldn't get food to her in a timely manner. Day 4 was the same. She was eating 3 helpings of food at breakfast and lunch and wanted to eat a snack almost right after eating a meal.

Now this really doesn't come as a surprise to me. We knew if she stopped drinking so much milk she would eat more. But at the time milk/bottle was such a huge factor to her sleeping. Now that piece of the sleep aspect has been remove and her sleeping continues to improve!!!

Super success on no more bottles this week and improved sleep. Hurray!

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