Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chattin' Away

In the past week Adalyn's vocabulary has taken off. She had said a few things here and there over the past couple months, but nothing that really stuck. She also has a few signs that she uses, but overall continues to not be impressed with sign language.

Adalyn at 20 months

Her words to date are:
 *Up (She mastered up first and uses it all the time. She really emphasizes the "p" sound. Uppppp)

*Mom (Not Mama or Mommy....straight up Mom. When she wakes up from a nap the first thing she does is yell MOM, MOM, MOM over and over again.)

*Come (Which sounds like um sometimes and is also accompanied by her slapping her leg. She used her first two words combined together as "Mom, Come!")

*More (This also is used along with the sign for "more")

*Dad/Daddy (Most of the time I hear Dad and sometimes she'll say Daddy)

*Dog/Doggie (Dad and Dog often sound the same, but in context it is obvious. She has been working on Dog the last two days. She repeats it over and over again.)

*Hi/Bye (Actually she has been saying these two words for a long time, but they are getting clearer and clearer. For awhile it was hard to tell which one she was saying, but I think now you can tell a lot more)

*Done (She'll sign "all done" and say "un" while signing).

*Night (Which sounds like "nigh" she'll say that to everyone before she goes to bed "nigh, nigh".)

*Water (This is a combination of the sign for water and her hand over her mouth making a noise. I need to get that one on video.)

*Milk (She signs milk and has for a long time, even now that she won't drink milk she'll just randomly ask for it and then decide wait, I don't want that.)

*Shhh (She'll put her finger on her mouth and say "shhhh" for quiet.)

*Ssssss (She must always have a stick or a rock in her hand at all times when outside. When she gets a stick she'll say "sssss".)

*Car (this one isn't completely clear, more like "ar" but it is also a word she has been working on....saying it over and over again when we see one.)

*No comes in the from of a sound like "uh uh".

*Yes comes also is a sound, just the opposite of the no sound "uh huh".

*Uh Oh is also something we hear all day long. If there a toy in the wrong spot or broken or if she finds garbage laying around we'll hear her standing by it pointing and saying "Uh Oh, Uh Oh, Uh Oh" until we come and take care of the situation.

It is so interesting to see her develop her words and how she goes about doing it. Having Shane been our first who was a master at sign language (80+ signs) and had only about 10 words after he turned 2.  I'm amazed by her and any language she produces at this point. You hear all the time that kids with older siblings don't talk because their sibling does it for them. That doesn't seem to be the case in our house. She is more then eager to get her two cents in during any conversation. I think sooner then later I'll have two chatter boxes in my house.

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Cynthia said...

I LOVE listening to Addie talk..She is such a growing munchkin !!!!She has a REAL gusto for life...