Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Has Arrived!

Today was truly a perfect sunny summer day. Though we did say good bye to Joe, Claire, Carolyn and Meredith this morning. We were all sad to see them head back home after a week of play, fun, laughter and good memories.

After having such a fun filled week I wanted to keep today low key while still enjoying the wonderful summer that has just arrived. We spent a lot of time out on the deck playing in the water table and being warmed by the suns rays. I could tell Shane and Adalyn were starting to peter out on the water table, so I gave them two little bags to take on a stroll. I had them gather all things natural outside on our walk and tuck them into their bags. They had SO much fun picking flowers (weeds) and gathering pine cones, leaves, etc. 

We then ate lunch out on the deck, followed by an afternoon nap from Adalyn. Shane and I took some leave from the sun to play card games instead and do picking/cleaning up of the house. I then took time and sat and rested on the deck while Shane played in the pool and had more water fun outside.

After Adalyn woke up we finished picking up the house and then got ready to meet Kenny down at Juanita Beach Park for more water and sand play followed by dinner at the Friday Farmers Market. The kids has a blast playing in the sand and the lake. It was just the right amount of time, too. Then we changed into dry clothes and hit the market looking for dinner. We stumbled upon a craft area and a puppet show. Adalyn's mouth spent the good part of the puppet show on the ground. She was insanely excited and couldn't stop pointing at the puppets. We all ate yummy stone fired pizza, fresh cherries and peaches for dinner. The evening was finished off with the best ice cream cones ever. Well, Shane had a snow cone, but he loved that, too.

We didn't do anything wild or crazy, expensive or new today. We did enjoy hanging out together, being in the sun, having the freedom to rest, play or eat when ever we wanted to. There aren't even any pictures to document the perfectness of the day either. Just my memories and happy heart as the kiddos sleep soundly in their beds and I look forward to more days and relaxing causal summer fun like today ahead of us.

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