Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crab Fest -- Beach Combing

Earlier this week when the skies were gray and you would have had no idea that it was July by looking outside the window, we spent some time combing the beaches and eating crab.

We were kindly invited over to some friend's for a crab fest and an afternoon of playing. Crab had been collected for a couple days since the season had just opened. When we arrived we made our way down to the waters edge to say hi to our soon to be lunch. Then we took some time strolling the beach finding treasures and sea creatures. I love myself some time on a pacific northwest beach. Salty, sandy, wet, seaweed, little crabs, misty, windy...even in July I enjoy it. Though some sunshine would have been nice, too. Shane didn't want to come up, so he spend some extra time down on the beach with Kenny.

Then the kiddos had hours of fun running around and playing together while the adults tried to get some chatting in as well.

I promise it is July...though you would have no idea looking at this picture!

Fun times! Thanks Dana, Betsy and Lucy for having the WHOLE gang over. Good food, fun, family and friends...a great afternoon.

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