Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Conversations With Adalyn

As I was tucking in Adalyn for bed we had this conversation:

Me: You are very kind and caring and a really good friend. I love you so much and God loves you, too.

Adalyn: God made me.

Me: Why yes, he did. Where did you learn that?

Adalyn: God no Shane.

Me: Yes, God made Shane, too.

Adalyn: more pausing...God no Arli? God no Jeff?

Me: Yes, God made Arli and Jeff, too?

Adalyn: God made you? God made Daddy?

Me: Yep, God made me and Daddy. He even made Sadie and Dodger.

Adalyn: laughing....Oh.

Kenny's response after I told him about our conversation was "She thought she was special." I do think I kinda busted her bubble.

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