Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Conversations With Shane

After he got dressed this morning (see outfit above), Shane told me this:

Shane: I want to look pretty this morning for Alethea (he new best friend at school). This shirt makes me think that I look pretty.

Me: Do you mean you want to look nice for Alethea?

Shane: Yay, I want to look nice. Alethea always wears dresses and she always looks nice. I tell her in the morning that she looks nice and I want her to think that I look nice and tell me that I look nice this morning.

Me: That is really kind of you to tell Alethea that. She might not tell you that though.

Shane: I know. But we are getting married and I want us both to look nice together.

Ah...budding love.


Yesterday in the car, the kids and I were listening to a kid music CD. The song was about invisible friends.

Shane: I have an invisible friend. 

Me: You do? I didn't know that. What is his name?

Shane: Jesus

Me: Yeah, you are right, he is your invisible friend!

Shane: God, too. I have two invisible friends.

Melted my heart!

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Shonda said...

Did his lady friend notice how great he looked this morning? He was looking extra cute.