Friday, June 7, 2013

This Week Six Years Ago

This week six years ago I had just started my maternity leave. I had two weeks before my due date and I was looking forward to a little time off to finish up some projects before baby Shane arrived. I remembering spending one of those first days off at the mall walking around, enjoying the time alone and pampering myself to some new make-up. The lady at the make-up counter told me she was worried my water would break as she was helping me.

The following day I went in for my routine 37 week check up. After I had completed my non-stress test and an ultrasound, the Doctor came in and said that Shane wasn't growing and they were concerned. They wanted me to be induced that day. They said he needed to come out to prevent anything "wrong" from happening. I freaked out. What?! Today?! Right Now??! What are you talking about?! There had been no concerns up to this point. I was completely taken by surprise.

I remember a nurse walking me across the street to the hospital, University of Califonia, San Diego. I had called Kenny at work and was bawling on the phone to him. He was a good 45 minutes away. You could say we were not prepared to have a baby that day.

Turns out the little guy wouldn't arrive for 40 more hours. Literally, days later. It took awhile to get checked into a room. I remember sitting in basically a closet of a waiting room and hearing Mom's screaming around me. I was a bit on edge. My Doula had gone out of town, so she sent her back up Doula. I eventually was induced, but baby Shane was not ready to arrive. It was a LONG 40 hours waiting for something to happen. After 39 hours and 45 minutes I told the Doctor I was done. I couldn't do this any more. He looked at me and said he promised he would be out in 15 minutes. I didn't believe him at all. I wasn't sure I had 15 more minutes in me. That Doctor didn't lie. Exactly 15 minutes later, Shane had finally arrived.

A huge rush of people came into our room, taking him to the corner. I had no idea if he was okay or not. I kept asking, is he okay, over and over again. Someone finally placed him on my chest all wrapped up in a blanket. He weighed in just under 6 pounds, so he didn't have to go to the NICU and was perfectly healthy.

That was the start of quite a journey. I can't believe that little 5 pound 14 ounce baby boy will be 6 years old on Monday.

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Andrea said...

Congratulations, Mama! What a story! Praise God for His perfect timing!