Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To School

Shane and I had his 2nd year of preschool orientation today. I believe he is actually in a "Pre-K" class now. He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-11:30. Friday will be his first full day back. Today went good for Shane. All morning long we got the "I don't want to go" stuff again. Along with tears on and off. Finally, after a long pep talk he settled down and decided today wouldn't be bad since it was just a short day. He was literally there for 45 minutes.

 He was really goofy this morning when I was taking his pictures and kept wanting to put his fingers in it. I asked him what this meant. He didn't have an answer. Funny kid. Click here to see what he looked like last year and how his first day was back then. 

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Cynthia said...

he looks so much older than last years pics...still cute ....