Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vacation Stress

Thursday we leave for 8 days in Maui. We are all super excited and slightly stressed out. I hate vacation stress. It seems that no matter where we go or for how long, the week before and especially the last couple days before seems to be full of stress, tension and snapping. Yes, it could be worse, we are heading on a super cool trip and out of all the kinds of stress there are, vacation stress is the best kind I am sure.

I know as soon as we get unpacked and we all take a deep breath the stress will melt away and we'll be in super happy vacation mode. I just can't wait to get to that point and be done with the to-do lists and packing!

Two days and a 6 hour flight along with some time change adjustments...then we will really be on vacation!!


Julie said...

I'm trying really hard to feel bad for you....nope, didn't work!! ;P

Have a GREAT trip with lots of sun and sleep and fun!

The Pechanec Family said...

Your leaving tomorrow and just to let you know that we are sooooo jealous of you! You are going to have a great time, the STRESS is worth it!!! Enjoy and can't wait to see pictures!!!

Rebecca Bany said...

Hope it was a good one.