Saturday, October 8, 2011


We have returned from our fabulous time in Maui. Let's see if I can recap our trip for you.

The 6 hour flight there went quite well. Shane did great and we landed with 3 extra hours (with the time change) in our favor. We checked into our condo around 3pm, ate dinner, checked out the beach feet away from where we were staying and hit the hay. It was a long day of traveling and wanted to get rested up for our adventures to come.

This is C-101 at Lokelani Condominiums, a 1 bedroom ground floor unit, just steps away from the ocean and sandy beach. We were walking distance to a Farmers Market, a playground and local restaurants. And just a few minutes driving distance to all kinds of other awesome Maui experiences and locations. We were super happy with the condo and Kim the awesome rental manager.

 The beach changed every day depending on the waves. Sometimes there was more sandy beach and sometimes there wasn't. But there was generally just a couple people there or most often no one around at all. It was like our own private little piece of paradise to snorkel, play in the water and catch some rays. Which was primarily what we did ALL week long.
 Hello Ocean!! Welcome to Hawaii.
 We spent the most of our time at the beach. Shane LOVES the ocean, just loves it. His longest time in the water was 3 hours, but we still had to drag him back kicking and screaming. Kenny and I would be tired and hungry and Shane would still want to keep splashing. 

This was our first trip to Lahaina, we were there many more times after this evening. I think it is one of Kenny's most favorite places. The shops, ocean views, restaurants and Banyon tree are just so cool. 
 We took a little trip out to a lava rock corner of the island. The power of the waves hitting into this alcove area was so amazing and scary! Shot below courtesy of Photographer Shane.
We visited a handful of different beaches over our week's stay. This beach was at Ka'anapali. That day the waves were perfect for my liking, small and gentle, just the way I like them when I am playing in the ocean. Unlike Kenny and Shane who like them big and crashing. comes a wave...
 We rode on the Sugar Can Train one afternoon. It took us into Lahaina were we did more shopping, had our favorite Maui Frozen Yogurt treat and then headed back home a couple hours later. It was a pretty cool steam engine. At the end of the tracks in Lahaina the train spun around in order to go back the other way. It was pretty neat to see. Shane has added train conductor to his many things he wants to do when he grows up.
 We ended our vacation with a trip to the Maui Ocean Center. It worked out perfect since we had some time to kill before getting on the plane our last day there. We all fell in love with Sea Turtles. These were little baby ones. They had some gigantic Sting Rays.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I'll have more highlights of our trip to Maui and some of the awesome things we saw.

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