Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11 Months

Little Adalyn is 11 months old today. Just one month short of a year!
Adalyn and Bunny

Here are a few of her likes and don't likes these days:

Likes -- Her Bunny...that should actually say Love. She Loves her Bunny.

Doesn't Like -- Getting her face and hands wiped off after eating....that should say Hate, because she HATES that. Or her nose wiped...another HATE.

Likes -- Her big Brother Shane. Where he goes, she wants to go. What he does, she wants to do.

Doesn't Like -- Getting her diaper changed or putting on clothes. It's like wrestling with a stallion when you have to do either of these tasks.

Likes -- Drinking water. She really likes to drink from her water cup at meal or snack times.

Doesn't Like -- When someone goes downstairs with out her. She does not like that gate shut with her on the other side of it. That just means she is missing out on something!

Likes -- Being in the backpack. As long as you keep moving she'll hang out in there all day long and watch all the stuff going on. Or if you hold her. She is just as happy being held and watching the action.

Doesn't Like -- Baked goods...pancakes, muffins, bread, etc. She just isn't into those kinds of foods right now. They generally are gluten free, so maybe she is protesting because of that.

Like -- Being outside. She loves going for walks or runs in the stroller or hanging out on the deck or swinging.

 Brotherly and Sisterly Love

"Frankenstein" -- That is what we call her now that she is walking...'cause she walks like Frankenstein.

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Cynthia said...

once again ...you have sweet beautiful...children.....