Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Preschool

We did it! Shane and I made it through the first day of preschool. It may have only been orientation, but he did have to stay by himself for 1 hour. The hardest part for me was walking away as he cried (and he wasn't the only one crying). But I'm super excited for him to go, because I think he will have so much fun and learn so many new things. I smiled just looking at the September calendar and all the new things that he will learn about and do.

The Director informed me that he was doing well about 10 minutes into it and wasn't crying any more. He did have a death grip on "Lamb Chops" the special stuffed animal he was allowed to take with him. I knew he wouldn't make it with out something. He had requested his Blanket, but that had to stay in the car waiting for him. His Teacher said she had a shadow the whole time, but he did fine. He told me his favorite part of the day was seeing me. (AHHH!)

Thursday will be the first full day. Real drop-off and all. Two hours and 15 minutes with out Mommy. I'm sure Lamb Chops will be in tow for the next few months.


Cynthia said...

what a very handsome guy.....and thank-you Lamb Chops for your help

firecrackerjulie said...

Thank goodness for Lamb Chops!

Anonymous said...

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