Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer Saturdays

Two weeks ago Shane started playing soccer through our local community center/parks and rec. I was out of town for the first practice/game, but was able to come along this past Saturday. Kenny had told me all about it, but now I got to see with my own eyes. I hear that there was a slight improvement from the first time, but man, that little monster is a tough case to crack. He just does not want to be out on the field to play. He did some warming up with the coach and team. We even got him on the field twice at first during the game, but the moment the "action" got to close to him, he ran to the sidelines crying.

The next morning I showed him a video of his buddy Lucas playing soccer. He really liked watching it. When I asked him if he wanted to play soccer like that he said "No, I get hurt."

Bossing Daddy around while they warm up.
Actually running around and kicking the ball before other kids showed up. Most of the time he has his tongue sticking out while he does that.
Kicking goals in with other teammates around. A BIG improvement from last week.
Stretching with his team. A little off task, but still near other kids and attempting to participate.
Deciding that he doesn't want to play in the game. They switch out players every 5 minutes or so.
This is what it looks like when Shane "plays". He stays as far away from the ball and the kids as he can.

More "playing".

This is what happens when the "action" gets too close for comfort. Mommy to the rescue.

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firecrackerjulie said...

Aw Shane! This is so cute and yet you just want him to know how fun it would be to get in there. Kids just make up their own minds at that age! I love the shots of him "playing"!

Here's to hoping he gets closer to the ball next week!