Sunday, September 19, 2010

Preschool Update

Shane is now going on his 3rd week of preschool. I am so proud of him. I absolutely love picking him up and hearing about all his tales from the day. At this point he is still having a rough time in the morning saying how he doesn't want to go to school and that he isn't a big boy any more. When I drop him off there are still tears, but I hear they only last for a minute or two. Lamb Chops appears to be put into the bag as soon as he gets to school and he didn't even have Lamb Chops out while he waited for me to pick him up the other day. Big progress on that end of things. I hope soon to have Lamb Chops stay in the car with Blanket. When I do get him he is so happy to see me I get the biggest hug ever. He is just beaming with all the things he did at preschool.

So far these are some of the things I have heard:

He won't use the bathroom at school. He says he doesn't know where it is, but really I think he just doesn't want to use it. I am just waiting for the day I come to get him and he is in his back up clothes.

The first snack time he told me he wasn't given snack. But a few days later it turns out he just didn't like snack, so he didn't eat it. He also told me today he didn't drink his apple juice because it is in a big boy cup and he didn't want to spill it. We practiced drinking from a big boy cup at lunch. Which he can do with out a problem. I hope this will help with snack time at school now.

He has all of his teachers names down (there are 4 of for each room and an assistant for the art room).

The first time he played on the playground he said he didn't play and sat on the bench with the teacher. Kenny and I laughed about this. We both truly would love to watch him at school with out him knowing we were there.

At home the other day he asked to do a project while he showed me his scissors and glue he had found. When I got the stuff all set up and had the glue on a plate for him to spread with q-tips (makes less of a mess and we did it that way at Toddler Group). He totally lost it and said "We don't do it that way at preschool!!!!"

Those are just a few things that have come out as the days go on and we hear about preschool. I have found it hard to relinquish not knowing everything he does for 2 hours on those days. I desperately want a play-by-play from the teachers about what he says and does the whole time while there. But I guess that is what I have to learn from preschool this year. To let go of my baby boy just a little bit for a couple hours a week.

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