Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Garden

We've seen some success and some failures with our garden this year. I didn't have huge expectations for it, but am happy with what we did produce. Just yesterday we ate our very own broccoli and carrots for dinner. We have even had 3 gorgeous red strawberries get picked in the last couple weeks. The snap peas grew like crazy. Sadly, no one in our house would (Kenny and Shane) or could (myself) eat them. I was able to pass those yummy things onto friends and family. The carrots seem to be slow, but we have pulled out about 4 good sized ones up to this point. We even have one small cucumber growing on our one sad cucumber plant. I haven't picked him yet, but he is looking great!!

Two of my biggest disappointments were the tomatoes and pumpkins. We only had one bush produce ripe tomatoes. That Shane loved to eat. The other 4 were completely full of green tomatoes, but they just never ripened. Our pumpkin plants don't look like we'll be getting any pumpkins at this rate. They grew nicely. We had a ton of flower blossoms on them. But I just don't see any sign of a pumpkin.

Next year I think we'll skip the snap peas, broccoli and pumpkins. Have less tomato plants (5 this year was just too much in size). And go with "regular" carrots. This year I thought the pretty multi-colored ones would be fun, but they are growing so slow. We won't need to add any strawberry plants, because those have multiplied like crazy!

I think it has been a great experience for Shane. He loves to come over to the garden and see what has grown and is ripe.

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