Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Weekend

Last weekend marked the 3rd annual scrapbook retreat weekend. For the last 3 years a number of my fellow scrapbooking friends have headed down to Auburn (about 45 minutes from where we live) for a weekend of scrapping, chatting, eating and just having fun. The food is prepared for us by Katie, the owner of The Keepsake Cottage. And I love the part of going to bed when I want and getting up when I want. Granted I usually come home sleep deprived since staying up until midnight and getting back up at 7:30 doesn't allow for me to really catch up on my sleep. But it is all about getting those scrapbook pages completed.

This year I hit a big goal. I am "current" on my scrapping. Meaning that I basically have all the events and pictures scrapped that I have taken up to this point. I completed a total of 66 pages this year and I even had a couple hours left before I had to come home. What a feeling. I really wanted to be caught up before the baby arrived so that I can focus on getting her baby book completed through out the coming year.

I can't wait until our next retreat weekend in a year from now. It is the best break ever. I am very thankful to Kenny and Shane for making it through the weekend with out me with flying colors!!

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