Thursday, September 30, 2010

34 weeks

After a visit with the doctor yesterday for our 34 week check up, it turns out that little Miss Booth is breech. I think she got this way about 3 days ago when I became even more uncomfortable then before. What I thought was her bottom sticking up into my ribs is actually her head. Hopefully she'll find her way downwards and get back into a position more conducive for birth. The Doctor said that 20% of babies are breech at 34 weeks, 7% at 36 weeks and 3% at birth. There is a good chance she'll rid herself of this problem. Kenny reminded me that right around this point Shane also went breech briefly, but corrected himself quickly.

She is measuring in at 5lbs right now which puts her in the 40%. She continues to grow and do well.

Back to the Doctors in two weeks to hopefully find out she isn't breech any more!


Michele said...

Turn baby turn!

Cynthia said...

Yes.... attention baby breech angels we want to turn Baby Girl Booth.. all together.. gentle.. now