Thursday, September 16, 2010

32 weeks and counting

8 months down and 2 more months to go! Whoa! Not that I am counting or anything. Time seems to have come to a crawl though. I am trying to take it as a blessing to get more things done and have more one-on-one time with Shane. Really I just want to be done being pregnant. Guess that means I am ready to trade in the uncomfortableness of pregnancy for sleepless nights and all things infant.


The Pechanec Family said...

You look really good!!! I was so ready at 32 weeks to be done as well, but now that I am offically done, it makes me kinda sad that I don't get to expierence pregnancy again, so enjoy it as much as possible if you can!!!

Katie said...

Congratulations on being so close! People were telling me that this one will fly by. In some respects it has but other times it seems to drag. I couldn't agree more with Angie though....enjoy it as much as you can! Unless this isn't going to be your last ;)??