Friday, September 24, 2010

Infant Car Seat Cover

I whipped myself up a little infant car seat cover the other night. Okay....I might not have "whipped" it up. It took a total of two nights to complete. might not be the most perfectly stitched thing around, either. But none-the-less, I made it from scratch with my own little hands.

You might ask why? an infant car seat cover. I know a lot of people just drape a blanket over the car seat while little baby is sleeping. But I thought this made so much more sense with the straps on the top to hold it up and in place. Plus, if you don't want any one peeking at the little one (germs or for sleeping reasons, etc) it just makes for a nice privacy cover as well.

I was inspired by a friend who recently made one. (Thanks Katie!) I even had plans to make a couple for baby gifts, but now I'm not so sure I will be doing that. It wasn't hard per say, but getting the straps on the top was defiantly a step up on my sewing skill level. I have also decided that sewing isn't the hard part. It's working with the darn sewing machine to get it threaded, the bobbin in, the thread through, and so on and so on. If the darn sewing machine would cooperate, this sewing thing would be a breeze!

Next up for my sewing projects: maybe two more of these things, but for sure cloth baby wipes to go with our cloth diapering.

Here is the link to the pattern that I followed, with a few changes I made to mine. I didn't make mine all fancy either. I thought I would start with simple and go from there.

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