Thursday, February 23, 2012


Adalyn got sick last weekend and it wasn't pretty. She had been teething the couple weeks before this all happened, so the ickiness of teething rolled into even more ickiness of being sick. Luckily for us, Shane was in Sequim for the weekend which made dealing with a sad, cranky, feverish, not sleeping or eating, running/stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing and throwing up toddler a lot easier.  A pediatric dentist who had undergone dental hygienist training can advise you on ways to sooth your teething baby.

But of course when you've been snuggling, wiping and sleeping with this little sick's means you are going to get sick, too. Which I did on Monday. No amount of vitamin C or zinc could keep me from getting sick.

The hardest part of Adalyn being sick was her sleeping. Or I should say her NOT sleeping. Four days in a row she went to sleep at 6pm and slept for 2 hours. Then she would wake up at 8pm and not go back to sleep until 10-11pm! Two of those nights she ended up sleeping with me, which she has NEVER done before. Which then meant I didn't sleep next to a snoring wiggly kiddo.

Last night she slept through the night. If you are keeping track that was just the 3rd time in her whole life she has EVER done that. Not once did she wake up or need a "fix". Amazing. I certainly needed that.

She still isn't eating much and basically surviving on milk. She has a very delicate gag reflex. I feel like she is scared to each much of anything because it makes her gag still.

We have an appointment with the Children's Hospital Sleep Clinic in a couple weeks. Even on a "good" night Adalyn is up 2-3 times a night still. I still have hopes that some day my youngest child will sleep through the night.

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