Saturday, October 30, 2010

38 weeks and waiting for November.

We've hit the 38 week mark. Each week I am more and more amazed I've made it this far. And more and more in disbelief that she'll be here any time. This morning I took a trip into the hospital to have a non-stress test completed. I just hadn't been feeling her move like I normally do. The Doctor said it was best just to check and make sure she was fine. They hooked me up to the monitors and saw that she is doing fine in there: good heart rate, movements and apparently consistent contractions. I've been having lots of Braxton-Hick contractions for that last few months, but these were real contractions with a pattern. Every 3-5 minutes for over 1 minute. I couldn't feel most of them which was what made that such a surprise. On top of the fact that I really, really, really want her to wait just two more days to come in November.

Now I have some stuff to do around the house, but really don't want to push her into coming today or tomorrow. We'll see what the next couple days brings us. Fingers crossed it's not a Halloween baby!!!


Katie said...

How long did you go with Shane? Take it easy if you want her to wait till November! Either way, as long as you are both healthy, that's all that matters! Do you think Shane is ready? Do you think he can BE ready?

Michele said...

Still breach? I am thinking I might have missed a post in there. Hope not and waiting impatiently for news.

Jessica said...

Katie--Shane was induced at 39 weeks because he wasn't growing any more. I think he is ready as he can be. Life will certainly change for him after she arrives. Hopefully in the end for the better. :)

Michele--She isn't breach any more. The good little girl turned all on her own a few weeks ago.