Saturday, October 9, 2010

Speech Update

Shane is in the midst of his 2nd week with his new speech teacher through the Lake Washington School District. He transitioned to the school district from a private non-profit organization when he turned 3 in June. The hardest part was that it was summer time basically when he transitioned, so he has had a lot of off time the last few months.

The district originally placed us at a school that was at least 30 minutes away from our house. I wasn't so happy about that. After working with them they moved us closer to a school about 10 minutes away. Shane currently goes to speech 3x's a week for 30 minutes each session. I feel blessed that they gave him so much speech therapy time on his IEP and that they worked the schedule out to give him individual sessions instead of group ones.

It's also been difficult since speech isn't my area of expertise and that there are so many theories and strategies out there. His current teacher is using a program called PROMPT. It appears to be more play driven. Which he had been doing before, but his first speech therapist switch over to more drill and repetition the last couple months we had her. I just don't know which is better for him at this point. I'm leaning towards the drill and repetition, but I'll give this new strategy some time before I make a fuss.

He enjoys going so far. I get to stay in the room with him which helps him. We'll see how that goes when the baby arrives. He continues to make progress with his speech. At points in the day he does not stop talking. In the car I often get run on stories that go on and on and on. We think he is making up for lost time.

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