Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Think We'll Make It....

Thursday afternoon brought us a handful of unexpected adventures.

I started in with some "false" labor and nauseousness around 6pm and it lasted until about 3am. We really weren't sure if it was the real thing or not. Or even if it was going to turn into the real thing. We put Shane to bed and then scurried around packing and getting things ready just in case we were going to be heading to the hospital in the middle of the night. Kenny was able to go to bed and get some sleep, while I rested on the couch. Baby and I are fine. She just wasn't ready to come yet, but guess the body wanted to get things warmed up. Friday I was slow moving but was able to keep Shane happy and entertained until Kenny got home.

Also Thursday afternoon I discovered an oozing wound on Sadie's face. I had noticed she had been scratching a lot on her ear area, but with the chaos of the day I hadn't had time to really investigate the situation. Right before Kenny got home I noticed her head was all wet and gross. When Kenny got home we put the cone on her head and dealt with it like we have many other times when she gets "hot spots": Cutting her hair and hydrogen peroxide.

Friday brought little improvement and by the end of the day we were discussing taking her to the ER Vet. We decided to wait until Saturday morning. After a 2 hour visit to the ER Vet, the poor dog has massive shaved portion on the side of her head and down her neck. It appears she was probably bitten by a spider and had a severe allergic reaction. She came home on antibiotics, steroid medicine and an ointment. The poor dog is truly miserable. She has spent the majority of the last 3 days sleeping on her bed (if you know Sadie this is very unlike her).

I found her sleeping like this Saturday night. I feel better when she is sleeping, at least she is comfortable enough to rest.
This was Saturday night. Sunday morning it looked even worse then this.
Poor Sadie Rose!!

Saturday afternoon Shane had a Knight and Fairy birthday party to go to (more to come on this exciting birthday party). I woke up from a nap right before it was time to go not feeling so great. After an hour into the party I was feeling terrible and having severe stomach pain. After a call into my OB it appeared that I was having problems with acid reflex. He had a handful of recommendations that helped a lot. So after taking some medication and resting a couple hours later I felt almost human again and was able to eat.

It seemed like we were getting hit left and right unexpected circumstances. Sunday morning has brought a little bit more normalcy and calmness to the family. I'm feeling a lot better. Now we just need Sadie to feel better. But I think we are recovering from the last couple days and will be ready come Monday for little Miss Booth to make her appearance when ever she is ready.


Cynthia said...

Poor poor poor Sadie Rose...glad you are feeling better though..hope you ALL keep feeling better

Katie said...

Poor Sadie. So sorry. We've been dealing with animals and vets lately too. So sad to see them sick.

Glad to hear you are doing better!

laurie said...

Oh the poor thing! Man, you guys are really dealing with a lot right now. Been thinking about you a lot, wishing you the best!!