Saturday, October 16, 2010

9 months!!

It seems like it has been years and years...but I've reached the 9 month mark! I'm looking forward to Thursday when I'll officially be "full-term" at 37 weeks, so Little Miss Booth can arrive when ever she wants after that point.

I had a visit to the OB last Wednesday where the Doctor mentioned that things are moving along. I have dilated slightly and am having a ton of contractions every day. She of course couldn't put a time frame on it, but did say I probably wouldn't be over due. I'll take that!

She also determined that the baby wasn't breech any more. Which was great news. But today I'm concerned that she has moved around and may be breech again. There was a 7% chance that she does that. I'll find out on Thursday when I have another ultrasound to make sure her growth is still doing well.

Another exciting development is that she has a name!! It was a long haul and a very difficult process, but it feels great to know she will be born with a name.

The belly is measuring right at 36 weeks. I feel absolutely huge like a house. Things that I never experienced with Shane I have had the great pleasure of experiencing this time around.

--Not being able to bend over to get my shoes on, or to pick things up, or to trim my toe nails.
--Not sleeping because there is not a single position that is comfortable.
--Growing out of clothes left and right leaving me with not a lot of options at this point in the game.
--When I sit my belly seriously gets in the way. It touches my legs!! Leaving basically not a single position standing, sitting or laying that is comfortable.

We are getting exciting for her arrival very soon!

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