Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adalyn's First Day of Toddler Group

I've been dying to start toddler group with Adalyn. Our schedules didn't allow us to go last year, which I was so sad about. Finally the day arrived for her first day!

She woke up 100% toddler this morning. Using that favorite new word "no". She would not stand by the door where I asked her to. This was where she wanted to stand. She would not look at me and when she did she "smiled" for the camera.

We dropped Shane off at preschool and then headed to toddler group. Adalyn totally knows what that is and was super excited to go this morning. She was ready to play the minute we walked in. From my end of things it was very, very odd to have a kid not cling to me, let me talk to another adult and be okay when I walk away to get them snack (which was what Shane was like at toddler group....this is where the Sensory Processing Disorder comes into play for him).

I very much look forward to our year at Lake Washington Toddler Group with Teacher Susy and all our new friends.

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Jessica Mitchell said...

Are you working at toddler group this year? Also, love your black front door!