Monday, September 3, 2012

Vice the Versa

A few months ago Kenny and I started talking about changing up the car situation in our household. I generally drive "Stormy" our Pathfinder and he always drives "Car No Name" his Civic. I won't drive his car because it is a stick shift and I just hate driving them. Which means on days or evenings that I need to travel a good distance I am always taking our big SUV. His stereo recently went out in his car and he wanted to fix that situation. It just seemed to make sense that we move onto to a car that I can drive as needed and that we can all fit into comfortable as well.

We thought that would be just a casual "swap" of cars. Something used and basic. We weren't going to put out any money really into this car thing. Just sell his and use that money to buy some thing that fit the bill.

Turns out that really wasn't going to be possible after researching used cars and prices. Then the research began on new cars, an area we hadn't paid much attention to in years. We narrowed the search down to 5 different types of cars and set out to see them in person. That 5 quickly got narrowed down to 2, the Nissan Versa and the Mazda 3. After more researching and some great incentives over Labor Day weekend from Nissan, we settled on the Versa.

Four plus hours later, we drove away in "Vice" the Versa. We had a GREAT experience with Nissan of the Eastside. Melvin and Kimethe, our Sales Associates, were wonderful to work with. We had a number in mind and Melvin really did work to make sure both sides on the deal were happy. Our longest wait was to get into see the financing guy and if it wasn't for that hour long wait it really would have been a fairly quick and painless transaction. The wait was due to so many people buying cars that day, so we understood, but with two kids in tow an extra hour is a looonnngggg time.

Welcome home Vice!

Shane thought buying a new car was super fun (most of the time, except all the waiting). He even said this morning, you didn't really pay them money for our car, you just gave him a piece of paper. We then needed to explain the concept of a check. 

Now we just need to sell Kenny's Honda Civic. Fingers crossed that is also an easy and smooth transaction!

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