Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure It Is The Dryer.....

Over the past month or so my clothes seem to be getting tighter and tighter when I put them on. At first I just thought I was having an off day, but then it turned into an off week, now it's been an off month. I really would like to blame this on my dryer. I mean that darn thing could just be shrinking every piece of clothing I own. I haven't changed my daily routine at all. I have been eating the same, sleeping the same, exercising the same. Blaming the dryer really seems to make sense, but the dryers fault or not, those darn clothes just aren't fitting the same and I don't like the way that feels.

That brings me back to the exercise portion of my life. I've always been an on and off exerciser. Some phases of my life I've done really well with going to the gym and exercising other times not so well. I'd say this off exercise phase has been a long one. Though I do chase two kids around daily, which helps a bit, but those muscles don't look like they use to and my stamina isn't as good either.

Motivate is hard for me to come by since I feel like there just isn't time to fit anything else into my life. Yet, I am not happy with my sluggishness and clothing issue. Guess it is time to change things up.

Competition seems to work best for me personally as a motivator. I'm pairing up with a friend and we are hoping a little friendly competition/challenge will get both of our butts in gear. The person who works out the most (more then a casual walk) gets a small "treat" (Starbucks, magazine, etc) from the other person at the end of the month.

For the month of September I've set a goal of working out twice a week. I got my first workout in of the week yesterday! I'm going to beat that darn dryer at its game.


Julie said...

It's aging! Not as easy to skate by as it used to be! Good luck with your challenge, let me know if you ever want a walking partner or running partner!!

Shonda said...

I wonder if our dryers are the same model? I have a similar problem. You can fight it! :)

Jessica Mitchell said...

I am in the same boat, step and walks at lunch are not cutting it, I am going to see you to your twice a week goal for Sept! It should be easy with my new part time schedule, good luck, and thanks for the motivation!