Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Conversations with Adalyn

Me: Shane and Adalyn, I'm going to be folding clothes in my bedroom if you need me.

Adalyn: Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh (translation: I want to come, I want to come!)

Me: You are going to help me fold the clothes?

Adalyn: Uhuh, uhuh! (Yes, yes)

I proceed to fold the clothes with Adalyn's "help". After the first basket had been folded....

Adalyn: un, un, un (as she gets off the bed). (translation: done, done, done.)

Me: Okay, thanks for your help.

Adalyn: frantically pointing at the top of the dresser...Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh!!!

Me: (extremely confused) There isn't anything up there for you to have.

Adalyn: Uhuh, UHUH, UHUH!!

Me: OHHHH, you want to get paid for helping me fold the laundry. (Shane gets 5 cents for each pair of socks he matches and the coins are on top of the dresser.)

I handed her a penny. She took off with it straight to her bedroom and put it in her piggy bank. Man, that girl picks up on things fast! She just cracks me up.

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