Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day Back -- September 2012

Shane headed off to his first day of preschool today. He had orientation on Wednesday, but I was there, so that doesn't really count as a day of school. This is his 3rd/final year of preschool. He goes to a "5's" class with 12 other kiddos that just aren't quite ready to make that transition into kindergarten. His teachers are Mrs. Armfield and Mrs. Stevens and we love both of them.

(Little Sister Adalyn, 21 months old, ready to head off to preschool already if we would let her.)

There wasn't a lot of whining or "I don't want to go to school" talk as he got ready this morning. He had a whole bunch of questions for me in the car on the way to school, which is VERY normal for Shane. We pulled up, Mrs. Armfield took him out of the car and off he went WITH OUT a tear! Yes, you read that right. His first day back at school and he didn't shed a tear! Huge, I am telling you, just huge for this kid.

Here he is at the end of his first day. Happy as a clam. He even got a sticker for being brave at school and not crying.

We are seeing improvements with this kiddo, they may be baby steps, but steps none-the-less.

Here is to a year of preschool with no tears!!

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