Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conversations With Shane

Watching Polar Express during Christmas time is a big tradition in our household. One of the many that Shane can't wait to see happen. This weekend we got our decorations up, lights on the house and Christmas tree up and decorated. In Shane's world that meant that it was time for Polar Express. Our days have been busy and his behavior hasn't been all that great. With those two things in place he hasn't been able to watch it yet.

This morning it dawned on me that if we wait 'till the evening Shane will never "earn" it. He can't go that long with out melting down or exploding at this point in his life. Why not start the day out on a fun note? Try a little motivation on the front end of the day.

Me: Let's watch Polar Express this morning.

Shane: Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I have been so excited to watch it that I get mad.

Me and Kenny: Hmm...you wanted to watch it so bad that you've been mad the last couple days?

Shane: Yes. I wanted to watch it so bad I get excited and it makes me mad.

Me: Thanks for telling us that Shane. That helps us to understand what is going on with you.

A simple little conversation, but so big in Shane's life. The more he can understand and start to recognize his feelings the more we can move forward and help teach him better coping skills and skills to be more flexible in life, along with improved problem solving skills. It is a tall order but I know we'll get there little by little.

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