Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gluten Free

I thought I'd share what being gluten free looks like at our house so far. Shane has been awesome about it and has had only minor complaints. We've made a couple trips to Whole Foods and I can get a good amount of GF items at my local grocery store (Safeway). Trader Joe's also is a great place to find GF items, too. The one downside I'd say is each store has such a different selection of items and brands. Meaning that if I want Udi's bread I need to go to Whole Foods, but if I want Mrs. Fields animal rice noddles I can only find them at Safeway.

Keep in mind Shane is a pretty picky eater. He is very sensitive to textures and the way things taste. I've been quite impressed with the GF food's he has been devouring.

Choices he currently has for breakfast:
Van's Waffles (his favorite is the plain, but there are lots of varieties)
Fried egg surprise (fried egg on toast...Udi's Bread)
Cereal with milk (rice chex, corn chex, kix...just to name a few)
Pancakes (I make a big batch of GF pancakes and then freeze them...using Pamela's Baking Mix)

We have a lot of "picnics" at our house for lunch. I'd say that is his favorite kind of lunch. They include things like: lunch meat, cheese, hard boiled egg, fruit, pickles, veggies, crackers, hot get the idea. A picnic is also always eaten with a toothpick.

Other current lunch meals...
"Creamy Rice" aka risotto from a box.
Snadwiches: egg salad, lunch meat, PB and J. Thank goodness for that awesome Udi's white bread!!
Noddles: Mrs. Leepers Animal Shapes is a favorite. From there they can be buttered noddles with cheese, Mac and Cheese my way or Mema's way.
Annie's Mac and Cheese from a box

I'd say dinner is one of our hardest meals to feed him. This past week I made dinner gluten free, but no matter what I make (GF or not) at dinner time he isn't interested in it. He just doesn't like one-pot meals/casseroles, chicken, tacos, spaghetti, etc.

This week for dinner we had: potato soup, cheesy rice with chicken, pancakes and macaroni and cheese. These are not fancy meals by any means. The later two meals on the list I knew he would eat, so we all made do with that for dinner (or Kenny and I had leftovers).

I also do my best to have a "safe" food available for him at dinner time. It could be bread (GF of course), pears/apples, noodles or rice. Just some food that I know he'll eat no matter what. The rest of us may have yummy potato soup, yet Shane will have his fill of apples and bread. It may not be perfect, but it keeps fights down at the dinner table.

Snacks really are the easiest. This week favorites have been yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, fruit, rice crackers, popcorn and pretzels. There are so many GF foods out there now that taste good and are easy to find!

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