Monday, November 26, 2012


Tuesday afternoon I was standing in the kitchen talking to a friend after having just put Adalyn down for her nap. I turned around and Adalyn was standing in the kitchen doorway. I thought I was seeing a ghost and shouted holy crap. I instantly thought to myself I remembered to put her in crib, right? Then I quickly realized my little girl had climbed out of her crib for the first time ever.
Nap attempt #1 -- She climbed out with out a sound. I heard nothing on the baby monitor, not even a click of her door opening.

Nap attempt #2 -- I settled her back in and headed downstairs listening intently on the monitor for any foul play. Minutes later I heard her piano playing from her doll house. Houdini was at it again. Out with out a sound. I walked upstairs to get her and found Miss Adalyn sitting at the dining room table viewing my laptop.
That day there was no nap to be had.

That evening she was exhausted and fell asleep in her crib with out escaping. Though around 10:30pm she did end up in bed with us after having a coughing fit.

The next day she had a nap with out issues in her crib and went to bed that night in her crib just fine. Phew...we thought, she can stay in her crib awhile longer. No need to bring the toddler bed out. She got this out of her system and we are good now for a few more months.

Thursday morning (4:40am), I hear a click and jump up in my bed to see a little girl heading down the hallway towards my bed. Houdini struck again.

Thursday afternoon we put her down for a nap. Houdini goes down with out a fight. An hour and a half later Houdini comes walking down the hallway...guess nap time was over. Stealth little thing! 

We discuss and discuss. We don't like it, but yes it is time to bring the toddler bed in. Time to get rid of the crib. Agh! I'm scared of what this means. I'm scared of the battles!

I ask Adalyn to show us how she gets out of the crib. One last time for video sake. We put her in the crib and she laughed at us. What, you want me to show you? Okay...giggling, watching the ipod. She sticks her leg over and falls to the ground. Thump and screaming. I drop the ipod and run to get her. Really!!! She falls this time?!??! Not one of our best parenting moments.

Right here was where I was going to post that cute little video of Houdini climbing out of her crib. Yay....that isn't going to happen now.

Tales of a toddler in a toddler bed to come soon. 


Boyles Family Blog said...

Cute story!

Honey Hair said...

We are going through this too, except O can crawl into her crib, not out. Considering our options...