Friday, November 2, 2012

Punkin' Carvin' Party

We made it to a friends annual pumpkin carving party this year. It was our 3rd year to this event and we came prepared to rock it! I asked Kenny if he could scrape out the pumpkin guts while I was at work, so that we could skip that step there. It is very hard to keep 2 kiddos in check and carve pumpkins at the same time. 

 Kenny and Shane waiting for the pumpkin judging to begin.

 All the pumpkins lined up to be judged. What creativity! 
The categories this year were: Traditional, Scariest and Unexpected.

 Shane's candy corn pumpkin.

 My white pumpkin with marbles drilled into it. 
I was going for a glowing effect when it was light.

Kenny's scary pumpkin. 

 Adalyn played while we all judged.

Shane and his pumpkin.

Kenny came in really close to winning scariest and I won most unexpected! Whoohoo! Here they are lit up on Halloween. I didn't quite get the glow I had hoped for. But using power tools to carve was tons of fun!

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