Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fire Station #25

Ever since we had a visit from an ambulance at our house almost a year ago, Shane has been asking to go visit the fire station (which is about 1 minute from our house). The firefighters who helped Kenny out invited Shane to come visit numerous times while they were here. He took that to heart and nagged and nagged at us to go. It turns out that there are rules to follow and reservations that need to be set and an age guideline that starts at 5.

At last, that much talked about visit arrived today. We had a few friends join us on the tour. Turns out one of the other rules is you have to be a non-profit organization to take a tour, so I invited my mom's group along.

 Shane needs a little support at first to get into the fire truck. 

 Then he was good to go on his own.

We've got the station numbers down in our area. 
There is a lot of fire station, fire truck, siren talk in our household.

Shane and Lorenzo checking out the ambulance. 
Shane was more exited to get into that then the fire truck.

Lorenzo, Joshua, Veronica and Shane on the back of the fire truck.

The guys at the fire station were super nice, chatty and friendly. I learned a lot of tid-bits about fire stations, etc and Shane was super happy to have finally visited the fire station.

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