Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 months old

Adalyn is two months old today. That is it?!?! Just 8 weeks. I feel like we've been doing this two kid thing a lot longer then 8 weeks.

She is still a super happy baby. Smiling and cooing all the time and rarely crying. But just not sleeping enough and taking cat naps. Which won't allow her to get the deep sleep she needs in order to sleep even more. It seems that if she wakes up to early in the morning the day is shot for good sleep. I carried her in the Moby for 4 hours the other day just to keep her sleeping. We are praying this phase ends soon! Last night for the first time ever, she was in her bassinet asleep at 8:30. Hopefully this will start helping.

One thing I have noticed is that she is now happy to sit in her bouncy chair or kick and play on the floor or with her play mate. Since we are holding her ALL the time to keep her sleeping, it's nice to be able to sit her now for 10 minutes and have her play happily. She is even grabbing for her little friends that hang in front of her, too.

It appears that we've decided to spell her nickname this way: Addie

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