Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cloth Diapering

(my subject wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera)

We are into day #4 of cloth diapering. So far, so good. I've been trying a whole bunch of different varieties and brands of diapers. I've only had one leak and that was a diaper cover that I think was just to small. I've even washed a load already. There was a little problem of staining. I'll need to do some research on that portion of the washing to resolve that issue.

I like the Velcro fasteners better, but I didn't like when they where washed and got stuck to everything. I see the benefits of the snaps then. I have an All In One that I like, but it took forever to dry. A couple of them seem really bulky and I don't like that. There was one that I thought her bottom was super wet feeling after I changed her and I didn't like that either.

I've tried Thirsties diaper covers. I liked it, but it seemed really big on her. Bottom Bummpers, I liked but hate how it fastens in the back. G diapers, I like also, but it also fastens in the back, which I find extra hard to do. Fuzzi Bunz were good, but expensive to me. And I'm not sure how I feel about the pocket diapers. Feels like an unneeded extra step. I was given about 10 Q-Baby pocket diapers (not even sure if they are around any more). I really like them. They seem to fit her good and absorb the wetness well.

I'll be getting more soon after I decide really what I like to use best. We aren't using them at night right now. Too much other stuff going on to deal with that at for the moment. I just want to get sleep at night right now with out any diaper worries.

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