Monday, January 31, 2011

Craft Club and a Cocktail Party

This was an exciting fun filled weekend for Kenny and I. Mema came into town on Saturday allowing for some time to ourselves on Saturday and Sunday.

Craft Club was Saturday evening hosted by the founder Julie. She was super patient as we all hammered away making necklaces. My first one turned out great. The 2nd one I tried didn't go so well. I had to get Adalyn home for bedtime, so I wasn't able to stay for the whole evening. But I hear everyone was up late chatting away.

After handing Addie off to Mema and getting dressed. Kenny and I were off to his co-workers annual cocktail party. Kenny was originally going to go by himself, but with the surprise visit from Mema a day early I was able to go with him. I did sacrifice my first block of sleep by being out. But it was nice to get all dressed up and have some time to hang out with some adults.

Sunday Kenny and I had a lunch date, along with a quick stop to Target and Home Depot. We were hoping to get a chance to figure out the new cabinets we need for the kitchen remodel, but we were out of luck. No one at fabulous Home Depot wanted to help us. We did get a chance to look around with out kiddos and have some ideas of where we want to head with the kitchen.

Thanks Mema for holding down the house while we got some time away from the kiddos!

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Julie said...

You look beautiful!