Saturday, January 22, 2011


Addie and her buddy Seahorse catching some zzzzzz's in the swing.

It seems little Adalyn either is doing hardly any of this or a lot of this. She has one good day/night of sleeping which is then usually followed by one or two not so good days/nights not sleeping. A "good" day is any nap over 1 hour 3+ times over the course of the day. A "good" night is 5 hours straight to start out. A "bad" day is when she won't sleep longer then 45 minutes in a row and then usually that night she'll start out with a 2-3 hour stretch followed by waking up every hour or so after that.

Some days we can get her to sleep in minutes and other days it takes over an hour. Some days she'll suck on a pacifier, others she screams bloody murder if you even get it close to her mouth. On the upside she isn't sleeping in the Moby attached to me any more!! My back says thank you to that! She has graduated to the swing. Even now sleeping nights in the swing as well.

She may have a case of acid reflux, which we just started medicating her for. Keeping her in an upright position seems to help her not get woken up when she refluxes.

We are crossing our fingers, hoping and waiting for the days when she puts herself to sleep and then sleeps through the night. Those days can't come soon enough!!

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