Friday, January 7, 2011


We've just started the next round of our house projects. We are going to be working in the kitchen now. We'll start with taking down a portion of a wall and moving/adding a pantry into the kitchen. Currently the pantry is in the hall coat closet. Which is so much better then not having one, but I'm excited to get it moved into the kitchen and get a hall closet back. We have more plans for the kitchen then that, but we'll be taking baby steps in the renovation project.

Day 1: The first hole.
Are you sure Mommy and Daddy I can hit the wall with this hammer?!?!

Needless to say, Shane LOVED taking down the drywall. He was super upset when he woke up one morning to see that Kenny had done a bunch with out him.

Day #2

Day #3 and #4 (slow going when you are working in 30 minute time slots between naps and bedtimes.)

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