Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Understand.....

I don't understand how having a baby is one of the most natural things in the world but it is so difficult and complicated at the same time? Why don't babies just sleep when they need to sleep, sleep for as long as they need to sleep, and know how to nurse perfectly right from the start? Why are there tons of books on how to get a baby to sleep better, a profession of lactation consultants, etc, to help you raise said child. Why does it feel like at only 6 weeks old I have already "ruined" this kid because she is overtired and not sleeping enough? How do families with 3 plus kids make it work? Why do I hear that the 2nd kid "just figures" it out and sleeps when they need to sleep and gets use to being toted around? Yet, it just isn't that simple in my case. How do Moms in third world countries in the middle of no where, who have no resources, food, etc raise a baby? They don't have books to turn to, the internet to look at, doctors and professional to visit with.

I just don't understand why having a baby seems so darn complicated and confusing!?!


Cynthia said...

you haven't done anything to "ruin" your little girl. She WILL figure it out..just have patience..

Julie said...

Not all babies are easy. Some take a bit longer than others to settle into a routine. You are doing fine! She is beautiful and happy and healthy. Hang in there!

nonapearl said...

Hugs Jessica!

Be kind to yourself. Don't forget you are just 6 weeks post-labor, and probably not getting much sleep yourself.

Also know that you know more about YOUR baby than any of the books. My advice is to put the books away. Snuggle your baby, sleep when she sleeps, do you best with nursing but know that formula is out there if you need it.

You will all figure out a schedule in time. Second babies are hard but you've done this before and you will get through it!!!