Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What did 5am look like at our house this morning? Everyone WIDE awake: kids, dogs and parents!

Adalyn woke up at 4am. I was having a rough time getting her back to sleep. She was all wide eyed, smiles and ready to play. After being up with her for about an hour I heard Shane come running out of his room. He needed to go potty, was cold and hungry. I knew that since it was 5am there was very little chance he was going back to bed. I had to enlist Kenny's help since my hands were full with not so sleepy Addie. I finally got little girl back to sleep about 5:10am. No such luck with big boy. Kenny was super nice in getting up with him and letting me sleep until 7am.

There really is just no reason to be up before 5am in my mind!! Wish Shane and Adalyn understood that!


The Pechanec Family said...

That totally stinks and I remember that with Morgan with the twins, she knew when we would get up with them and would make an appearance...it will get old for him soon and fast, I promise!!! we put a fan in her room for "white" noise and that worked wonders!!! now they don't even bother her at all! I agree 5 am wake up time doesn't happen with any of my kids, yes they try, but mom says no! give Addie 1 more month and she will be on track, it took me till the twins were 4 months to get them to slee all night and they still done't they wake up but take their paci's and fall back asleep but it is still disrupted sleep for me. Just remember in 10 years you will be sleeping thru the night and wondering how your kids grew up so fast!!!

The Pechanec Family said...

so I was typing to fast and I meant sleep, then I mean Don't, darn this thing didn't have spell check for me :)