Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Evening and Beyond

6:00pm -- Adalyn goes down for what will probably be a 45 minute nap before her "bedtime". This is just one of the MANY 45 minute naps she has had through out the day. Meaning that I spend A LOT of time feeding her and putting her back to sleep.

6:10pm -- Shane goes down for a ridiculously early bedtime because he isn't napping, woke up super early and was crabby and tired all day long.

6:15pm -- Kenny leaves for a evening meeting.

6:45pm -- Addie wakes up from her nap. I get her in her PJ's and ready for bed.

7:15pm -- She is back to bed, hopefully for the night?! If I am lucky she will be asleep for 4 whole hours. If I don't go to bed right now I end up missing out on sleep I could be getting.

8:20pm -- I finally wonder into bed myself.

9:23pm -- I wake up hearing Kenny come home.

10:20pm -- I wake up hearing Kenny come to bed.

11:36pm -- Baby is awake. She eats 4 ounces and I pray that means she'll be down for another 4 hours! I head back to bed to try to get warm and comfortable, and to calm my mind to attempt to go back to sleep yet again. I usually lay awake for a good 15 minutes just listening for the baby.

12:10am-- I have just about fallen asleep, when I hear Shane running out of his room. He is scared. I carry him back to bed.

12:15am -- Baby is aroused by hearing Shane's voice. I give her the pacifier back and hope that is enough for now.

12:50am -- Shane is back up. He needs to go to the bathroom.

1:23am -- I have finally once again settled into bed and Adalyn wakes up. It's been 2 hours typical for her after her long 4 hour stretch. She is up for 1 whole hour this time and is very difficult to get back to sleep. I am now hungry and my mind is completely awake.

2:47am -- Once again I am settled into bed and Shane is up again in our room saying something about how he still has his PJ's on. I get him quieted back into bed for the third time!!!

3:30am -- Baby is making noises so I go and check on her. She appears to still be sleeping....unlike myself.

4:34am -- Baby is awake. Another two hour stretch. I kick Kenny and ask him to PLEASE feed the baby this time and to try and not wake up the other child who has been up 3 times tonight. I hear her crying on and off as Kenny tries to deal with her. I hear it took about 45 minutes to get her back to sleep.

7:15am -- At some point I fell asleep. I am woken up when Kenny comes in with Adalyn in his arms. Morning has arrived. A new day begins even if all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep all day long.

7:20am -- Shane is up for the day as well.

Not all nights are quite this bad. I can't say they are a lot better though. Shane usually stays in his bed. He just had a rough night of being scared for some reason. Probably the super early bedtime has something to do with it.


Julie said...

A couple observations...ignore me if you like :)

Can you eliminate that 6pm nap? Or let her take that 6 pm nap but keep her up for another 60-90 mins? I just remember when Lucas was that age he'd be in bed for the night at 9-ish if I recall correctly. I think Ellie was even later.

Jessica M. said...

Katie gave me a book on sleep that we used on Xalen he was up alot at night in his early months. I can't remember the name but I do remember the desperation to have sleep. I would guess that she may remember if you want to give it a try. I do know that it will get better, Xalen is the best sleeper, he still waits to get out of bed until you get him...

Lynette said...

Hang in there, Jessica! I agree with Julie about getting rid of the nap at 6:00. Zachary was not a good napper when he was little. He took about 3 or 4 naps for about 45 minutes each day. Went to bed probably around 9:00 and slept mostly through the night. Maybe if you tried keeping her up more during the evening she'd be able to sleep longer at night. Or just ignore me if you want to! :) I hope it gets better for you soon!