Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Unfortunately, Kenny had his car broken into Saturday night while at a concert south of downtown Seattle. His work bag (which had his glasses in it) and his wallet were stolen. He had about $40 in cash in there. All the credit cards, etc were canceled easy enough before they could be used. And the car window has already been replaced (but we are out $300 for that fix).

Monday morning he got a call at work from a guy named Frank telling Kenny that he had found his bag and wanted to return it to him. The most important part of his bag was that fact that his glasses (an extremely difficult type of glasses to replace) were still in there. Saving him lots of time and effort in getting them replicated correctly. The fact that Frank took extra time out of his day to call Kenny and met up with him is so awesome. It really helped make up for the fact that a creep broke into his car in the first place.

A couple big reminders we took away from this event. Never leave anything on your seats that would make anyone think some thing valuable may be in your car and don't leave your purse or wallet in your car.  And finally, sadly there are people in this world that just aren't nice and do things that are wrong. For the most part we feel that we are safe and secure from bad, but really you just never know when some random act of "ugly" could happen to you.

We made it through this event unharmed, with a little less cash in our bank account and with hope for the future that this never happens again to us or any one really. It is a crappy thing to go through. 

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