Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Months

Finally, Adalyn has reached the 3 month mark. It seems like I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this. Well, it has arrived and nothing has changed. She still only is sleeping 2-4 hours stretches at night. Naps are 45 minutes - 2.5 hours.

She is rolling over onto her side a lot and is so close to making it all the way over. She still loves sucking on her fingers, talking to us and smiling. She has found her knees and is super close to discovering her toes. Which for some reason I can't wait for her to do. I remember Shane spending hours playing with his little feet and it is just so cute to watch. She desperately wants to sit up and is always doing little baby crunches trying to get into an upright position.

Here is a little video of Adalyn chatting away.

Her first dress...a cute little "hand-me-down" from her big cousin's Carolyn and Meredith.

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