Friday, February 4, 2011

Chance Meeting

Yesterday Shane and I stopped by Subway on the way home from preschool. There was a baby in a car seat that I noticed right away. The Mom of the baby noticed us walk in and said to her daughter who was slightly younger then Shane, "That baby looks like the same age as our baby." She asked me how old she was. I said "11 weeks." She replied our is, too. I couldn't tell from looking, but it was also a little baby girl named Stella. The Mom then asked me Adalyn's birthday. It took me a second, but I was able to come up with November 18th from my sleep deprived brain. was Stella's birthday, too. And both little ones were born at Evergreen Hospital as well.

We were attempting to hold a conversation while ordering our sandwiches. I asked her how Stella was sleeping. The Mom looked at me sheepishly and said "Great, she sleeps through the night. All she does is sleep and nurse (NOTE: Stella was sound asleep in her car seat and Adalyn was wide awake in hers). Hmmm...this fun little encounter just took a turn for the worse. Wish I could say we have a sleeper, but we sure don't!!

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Julie said...

Stella is sleeping through life!!! Addie is taking it all in ;P

Not sure what else to say :) Hang in there!