Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conversatons With Shane

Shane spent a fair amount of time playing in his room one morning while holding Dodger hostage in there with him. I had been checking on them on and off just to make sure poor Boy Dog wasn't being tortured to badly.

Shane came running out of his room to tell me this:

Shane: Mommy, when you cut Dodger's hair with real scissors he likes it!!!

Me: What?!?!

Shane:  Dodger likes it when I cut his hair with scissors.

Me: Well, Dodger might like it, but scissors are only used for paper. Show me what you did. ( I found a clump of hair cut from Dodgers back).

Shane: (In a super super upset and confused voice) But he likes it!! He really likes it!

Me: Sorry kiddo, you aren't giving Dodger a hair cut, no matter how much he "likes" it. 


Cynthia said...

funny !!!!..aren't you glad Adalyn wasn't the one he was testing his great scissors skills on !!!!

Julie said...

Hahahaha! That's not something you want to hear! I'm sure Dodger was very cooperative. Cute!!