Tuesday, January 17, 2012

San Diego and Snow

I had a wonderful weekend away all by myself in San Diego visiting friends. Sadly through the sun didn't shine while I was down there and the whole weekend I was just plain cold. I would have been even colder though if I was at home because it snowed all weekend while I was gone.

It was an odd feeling to be away with out kiddos or a Husband. It felt weird to sit on an airplane all by myself and do whatever I wanted. It felt weird to be able to wake up in the morning when ever I wanted (though it was super difficult to actually sleep-in) and to be able to lay down and nap/rest if I felt the urge. 

I did very much enjoy my time away. Visiting with friends, eating out (In-N-Out was a highlight!), reading, surfing the web, sitting around and watching television. Just doing nothing of much felt good. Coming home and being greeted with hugs and loves felt really good, too.

Absence really does make the heart grown fonder or maybe it just reminds the heart how much love there is. Being away for a couple days is refreshing and renewing. It makes those days that can become dull and boring exciting and fun again.

Shane and Kenny had a fabulous weekend together hanging out. The snow did kinda change up their plans, but was fun in its own right. Adalyn, Mema and Papa had a wonderful weekend spending time together, too. She did fabulous on her first visit to their house all by herself.

All around it was a great weekend for the whole family. Now it looks like we will have a few more fun snow days ahead of us.

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Cynthia said...

it was FABULOUS to have our little Miss Adalyn...she is QUITE the funny girl